SuperPump Water Pumps South Africa, is a premium supplier of water pumps to the South African, and African markets.

We are distributors and resellers for many brands of water pumps, and we supply quality water pumps to the Sub Saharan Africa region.

We make water management affordable, by giving the best price to our customers, without compromising on quality.
Our range of water pumps stretches from light submersible pumps for small water features or wells,
to borehole (deep well) pumps and motors for home, agricultural or commercial use.

We also supply a range of heavy duty water pumps, waste water pumps, slurry pumps and sludge pumps,
suitable for industrial and mining requirements especially de-watering in mines.

We can also supply a range of accessories to compliment the range of pumps :
Pressure vessels for booster pumps
Water storage tanks
Septic tanks
HDPE pipes, LDPE pipes and PVC pipes
Water filters for residential applications
Booster systems for high rise buildings
Submersible cables & cable joints
Float switches and float controllers
Variable speed drives
With a range of pumps like ours, there is no requirement to big or too small.
Just let us know what your water management requirements are, and we will help you to choose the right pump for the job.
We can deliver your pump anywhere on the continent, and we also have a walk in retail shop in Pretoria, Gauteng where you can collect the pump if required.
Not sure which pump is right for you ?
Contact us for expert advice, and/or custom packaged solution for your requirements